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 Colorful Women's Berlin Map Socks | Purple Socks

After collecting bright and “fun” graphic socks for many years, the founders of Lotuk realized that socks were evolving into a true fashion statement, but it was difficult to find socks that were unique and artistically interesting.  They wondered what it would be like to apply original art to socks? Thus, they embarked on a journey to create socks with a more serious artistic style and as a result Lotuk was born.

The founders, J. Scott Olson and Mona Rezvani, both with a background in art and architecture, set out to find what a true artistic pair of socks might look like.  Similar to their approach in designing architecture, they realized they could take the context around them and use it as inspiration for the designs.  Each set of designs are inspired by art, architecture, travel, and nature. 


Designed for creative souls and other seekers, Lotuk is more than a sock company.  It is an idea, or rather, a commitment to only provide products that are informed by what inspires us - chiefly art, architecture, travel, and nature.  This is why Lotuk is not just another sock company and has created an entirely new genre of design.  Our guarantee:  Each design will be new and fresh and uniquely different ensuring that you will BE NOTICED.