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December 04, 2018 3 min read


we at LOTUK are delighted that you have joined us on our website.  We hope you continue with us on our journey to bring the most unique sock designs to the world.  This is our blog/news page, but more than anything it is our inspiration page.  In addition to newsworthy stuff, most of our posts will detail the inspiration behind our designs.  Each design has a story, and this is where we tell it.  But first...    

 Our Story

starts in a West Seattle pub discussing our love of colorful & funky socks and their transition from a commodity to bona fide fashion statement.  We had been collecting colorful and funky socks for some time but grew bored with most of the designs on the market.  One design seemed to blend it with the next.  We couldn't find a place to buy original socks that reflected our style.  So, we asked ourselves, "How can we design a more interesting and artful sock?"

Lotuk is more than a sock company.  Socks are our medium, but our intention is to promote creativity and inspiration.  All of our sock designs are inspired by art, architecture, travel, and nature.  These are the things that enrich our lives and bring us joy, and ultimately inform our designs.  Our goal is to bring a whole new genre of design to the sock world.  Each sock design must be derived from something specific, such as a painting, something architectural or some other original idea.  Being "bright", "fun" and "crazy" is not enough.  Our first line of socks is travel inspired using maps and contextual colorways, but there are new and different designs on the way.  Now let us introduce ourselves. 

 The Founders.

LOTUK was founded by Mona Rezvani and J. Scott Olson.  Mona is an immigrant originally from Iran, moving to the US in 2000 as a teenager.  Smart as a whip, she excelled in school and got her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in architecture at the top of her class.  Not only a clear, creative thinker, she is highly organized and a go to when things get tough.  Contrasting her smarts and work ethic is a playful heart quick to laugh and make a joke.  When not working, she is an avid cook.  Mona has the uncanny ability to taste something at a restaurant and then can recreate it at home to perfection.  

Scott, on the other hand, went to the school of hard knocks.  With no college degree, he got his architecture license the old-fashioned way through hard work and internship.  Known for innovative solutions and a collaborative spirit, Scott's style brings the creativity out of those around him.  Scott shuns the spotlight, but his work in architecture has won several design awards.  He formerly owned his own architecture firm and art gallery that featured paintings by local artists, as well as, art installations created together with a team of artists known as "Dead End Boys".  In addition to architecture and installations, he is an avid painter with a unique style.  When not creating art or architecture, you can find Scott on a mountain trail, selling merch for local rock bands, or listening to metal.

 To wrap things up,

we believe that no matter what your personal style is - street, business or casual, socks are one of the best ways to express your bold, creative side and that you can wear any sock with any ensemble regardless of the so-called rules of fashion.  Break the rules, because anything else is, quite frankly, boring.  Colorful socks or funky socks are not a fleeting trend; they are here to stay.  So, declare your creative and daring side by wearing LOTUK socks and BE NOTICED.